Monday, November 3, 2008

Make your Own bags - Absolutely no SEWING required!

Just saw this awesome project on the Martha Stewart show.

The publisher of my upcoming book"Bag Bazaar" is Potter Craft, which is a division of Random House. Apparently they also published the book of the author that is being featured on this episode of the Martha Stewart Show. Her book is called book author of another great book

Simply Sublime Bags: 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew Projects

and you can check out the video on the Martha Stewart website.

I am quite impressed at the durability of the bags, considering they have not used a sewing machine at all to create it! All they are using is fabric (with this cool vinyl like covering, which I had never seen before! ) staples, and duct tape! I might have to use some of these techniques in a workshop at the studio some time in the near future!

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