Thursday, April 2, 2009

Summer Intern(s) Wanted

I am once again looking for a summer intern or two this summer. You must fill the shoes of the last summer interns (left), and that is going to be quite a feat!

Kerry, Heather & Sara were all hard workers who took on projects with ease and loved learning new things about having your own small design business.

Here is how the ad I posted on Craigslist reads:

Attention College students interested in a career in fashion, merchandising or someone looking to have their own DIY business. We are M Avery Designs, LLC and we design, produce and sell our line of bags and accessories in our studio / boutique in Hoboken NJ. We also teach sewing & crafting classes to kids and adults.

We are looking for a summer intern for summer 2009. Schedule is very flexible. You MUST be very comfortable using a sewing machine! We are willing to work with your school to get you credit for this internship.

Duties will include, but not limited to:
-Helping with production (ie Cutting fabric, ironing, cutting patterns, sewing piece work, etc)
-Helping with sewing classes, both for adults and kids.
-"Brick & Mortar" Store management and maintenance.
-Online store management & maintenance.
-Way more that we can talk about when we interview you

PLEASE spend some time on our website and get to know our business before you contact us.

PS: We do have a shop dog that hangs out occasionally. Please do not apply if you are allergic or afraid of dogs.


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Kerry said...

This was such an awesome experience. I want to do exactly what Megan does, and being able to experience what she does and learn from her has made me even more excited about hopefully being able to open my own handbag store one day. I remember creating the window display my first day and I went home so thrilled to tell my parents. I saw the hard work and time that goes into having your own business. I was able to interact with the customers as well as helping with the actual production. I cut out fabric for some custom orders, helped organize the fabric, and actually accompanied Megan on a trip to order fabric in the city. Hoboken is such a cool town. Not only did I like working in the store, I loved walking down the streets. Anyone who has an interest in learning more about the handbag industry should definitely invest their time in doing this internship. It is not only a great experience... it's so much fun!