Monday, August 3, 2009

Just put the Fall Classes up - 6 New Ones - Starting at $25 Per Class

You are the first to know! Hooray! We have just updated the Fall Class Schedule with all the cool workshops we are going to be offering from now until the end of the year!

I want you all to know, the pricing structure IS a bit different. Now participants in the classes pay for the workshop when you sign up and either bring your own supplies (everything you need is listed on the class page) or you can purchase them at our studio at the time of the workshop.

Now, before you panic and think this is our way of raising prices without really raising prices, take note. Not one class price has gone up and ALMOST ALL CLASSES ARE LESS EXPENSIVE! Even if you decide to buy the supplies at our studio!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

Even better news? We are even offering some "sewing basics" classes that are $25 per class and absolutely no materials are needed! So here are the classes at a glance or Click here to see the different offerings and their descriptions. Sign up online, or give us a call.

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