Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brimfield 2011

My friend Michelle and I were lucky enough to make it up to Brimfield for the big flea market last week. We got up at 5am on Friday and made the 3 hour trip, arriving at the site at 8am and things were in full swing.

We both did pretty well, in the way that we found what we set up to shop for. I scored big with some great vintage fabric that I will post soon. As well as about 200 vintage sewing patterns to add to my ever growing collection.

I took some great photos, because I am always so inspired by the color you can see walking around this flea market. Here are some of the shots that I took:

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Bred Pit said...

Oh! that's a very nice & huge collection at the Brimfield market. Hope you have enjoyed your trip Megan and have purchased lots of things for your collection. Great post also & thanks for a nice stuff.