Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great Deals on Private & Duet Sewing Lessons

As you most likely already know, we have a bunch of new, fabulous sewing classes for 2010. And some are in full swing! But what happens if you are interested in learning how to sew, but your schedule doesn't work with any of our classes???

Don't fret - Private & Duet Sewing Lessons are the way to go and this year they are more reasonable than ever!

We have adjusted our Duet Sewing Lessons to make it more affordable for you and a friend to take sewing lessons together.

Right now you can sign up for Duet Sewing Lessons with Megan for $30/Hour or for $90 for a set of four hour-long sessions.

Or take Duet Lessons with Devon for $25/Hour or $75 for a set of four hour-long sessions.

Not bad, eh?

So what if you don't think you are going to be able to find a friend to take lessons with you???  Do not sweat it!

Devon is offering private one-on-one sewing lessons for $40/hour or $128 for four sessions. 
You can't beat that!

Private & Duet Sewing Lessons can be schedule just about any time of day that we don't already have other things going on in the store. If you are interested, purchase the lessons online and then call us or  send us an email with your availability. We will get right back to you to set something up.

And don't be afraid to try us out. You don't have to commit to doing a whole package right away. If you buy one, take the lesson and love, we will apply what you paid for the one lesson to a package of four!

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