Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage Dress Lab - Vote on Which Dresses you want to see as part of the class

We are trying to nail down our summer class schedule and we need YOUR help on deciding which projects to make part of the class.

We're very excited to hold our first "Vintage Dress Lab" sewing class this July! The problem is there are too many great vintage dress designs we'd love to be a part of the class. 

Can you help us and vote on your favorite dress designs out of the following 10 choices! We're looking to find out your top 4 choices. 

Please Use the comment section to voice your opinion. Tell us the names of your 4 favorite vintage dress designs.

Okay here goes. 

And the nominees are:

1. "Twiggy" - Sixties Inspired, Multi-Paneled Dress

Could be made with long, short or no sleeves. Cute little collar is an option as well.
2. "Dynasty" - Late 1960's/ Early 1970's Maxi

Could be made with funky collar or not.
3. "Flower Child" - Late 1960's/ Early 1970's inspired faux wrap with Empire Waist

Long or short, long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve always an option.
4. "Diamonds are a girls best friend" - 50's/60's shift with funky diamond detail.

Long or short, long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeves.
5. "Go-go Scort"

Fabulous neck detail, the longer version is straight-up dress, the short version, you can add some shorts into the pattern.

6. "Radio Hour" - 40's/50's Dress

Cinched waist with divine neck collar detail.
7. "Ladies who Lunch" - Full skirted with the fabulous neck & chest tie detail

8. "C'est La Vie" - Simple 60's Shift with Peter Pan Collar.

9. "Mrs. Cleaver" - V-neck, Belted Waist

10. "Waist not, Want Not" - Strapless & Belted hi-waist dress

Option for sleeveless or tie straps


Lauren O. said...

My top 4 picks are:

3. "Flower Child" - Late 1960's/ Early 1970's inspired faux wrap with Empire Waist

1. "Twiggy" - Sixties Inspired, Multi-Paneled Dress

4. "Diamonds are a girls best friend" - 50's/60's shift with funky diamond detail

5. "Go-go Scort"

Anonymous said...

Nicola's faves

Go go Scort
Flower child
Diamonds are a girls best friend

*i always love all the sixties style dresses. i also really love 'ladies who lunch' and 'mrs cleaver' (very classy) but i'd have to make them in fabric with a good stretch in it and not sure they're the best maternity shape ( : i would still make them to wear next year though!

nicole said...

i LOVE...
Mrs. Cleaver
Ladies Who Lunch
Waist not, Want not
C'est La Vie

Anonymous said...

Melissa's faves
1. Twiggy
2. go-Go scort
3. Ladies who lunch
4. Diamonds are a girls bf.

I like em short :)

Roslyn said...

Love dress #7 it looks like it would be fun to make! But top four would be:


Want to take this class!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My top picks...


Anonymous said...

Ohhh..many great choices!

My faves are:

-Flower Child
-Go Go Scort
-Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

MackeyBlue said...

My vote is for:

1. Twiggy
2. Dynasty
3. Flower Child
5. Go Go Scort
8. C'est La Vie (I need to change the bottom of this one to be A-line to accommodate my hips)

I know I'm cheating with five.

I am picking out vintage fabric now and would be happy to make some available for sale during the class!!

NaLene said...

I love, love, love the Dynasty dress. My runner up would have to be Mrs. Cleaver.

megan said...

And the Winners are........

Flower Child - 6 Votes

Mrs. Cleaver - 5 Votes

Twiggy - 5 Votes

Go-Go Skort - 5 Votes

The class is going to be Tuesday nights in July 6:30-8:30pm. Hope to see you all there!

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure that I used that flower child pattern in the middle view to make my dress for junior prom.